Hot Blog Topics for Kids and Teens

Many bloggers today write about grown-up and serious topics. Politics, law, the stock exchange, cars-these are popular blog topics nowadays. Instead of going with these topics, though, why don’t we tackle issues that younger generations can relate to? Let’s go down, or maybe climb up, to their level. Believe me, there is market in this kind of writing.

Reviews of popular books and movies
Remember how Twilight and Harry Potter captured the attention of teenagers all over the world? An article about the upcoming movie adaptations of these book series’ final installments would make an interesting blog post. Also, encourage young people to write their own reviews on movies and books. Allow them to express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions in writing.

Relationship and social issues
These are popular among the youth. Many adolescents who can’t share problems with their parents resort to blogging. These kids need someone (a mentor or another blog) to look up to. You can be a direct online counselor by writing helpful articles about relationships and other social issues they might encounter. Start a discussion and talk about the common causes of teen problems, such as love, family, crushes, and peer pressure. Write about the things teenagers don’t normally see on other blogs.

Gadgets and technology
Gadgets such as iPads and laptops are the current craze among kids these days. Kids love to jailbreak their PSPs and Wii consoles, so it might be useful to give them tips on how to do this in the comfort of their homes. Technology-related articles may help your site gain more readers among that demographic, and this might give you the opportunity to convert visitor traffic to sales and profit.

Young people love the idea of travel, too. Putting up a travel blog that encourages kids to explore the country, or even the world, is a good idea. This kind of writing may seem to be for the well-off, but you can still orient young folks about unknown places on this planet.

Internet and social media
I wish Facebook and Twitter existed when I was in high school. Those were the days of costly snail mail and direct calls. Tackling topics concerning social media is a surefire way to gain more readers. Social networking ethics and blogging techniques and tips are great topics to write about. These are useful topics not only for the youth but for adults as well.

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